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MP wheat flour

The Sattvic Grains Daily essential wheat flour is made from select wheat, sourced from MP.

It is milled by a natural stone which does not leach harmful chemicals like emery stone.

This flour is processed at slow speed and hence does not heat the flour. This retains all its enzymes, which are otherwise destroyed in the commercial high-speed process. 

The flour grinding starts once your order is confirmed.

MP wheat flour

1 Kilogram
  • If you are not satisfied with the product. We offer a "No questions asked replacement / return" on Pro rata basis. 
    Please note, Unprocessed flours absorb more water and require proper kneading to make soft rotis.
    Also, This Flour is not processed thru any physical, chemical or biological treatment and will degrade faster than other packaged flours.
    You are therefore advised to store them in proper condition.
    Stock up for 3-4 weeks only.
    Keep in a closed container.
    Store in a cool and dry place.
    Refrigerate leftover dough immediately.

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