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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cold pressed flour?
    Cold pressed or cold milled flour is the traditional way wheat was milled. It was thru natural stone mill, run by hand.
  • How Sattvic Grains' chakki is different from my local chakki?
    The local chakki makes use of Synthetic stone, instead of natural stone and it runs at about 400rpm. The synthetic stone leaches various harmful chemicals into the flour, and high temperature causes the flour to loose its nutritional value as the vitamins, proteins other micro-nutrients get oxidised, depleted or destroted.
  • Why big companies do not produce cold pressed flours?
    Due to the slow output and less Shelf life.
  • Is Roti / Chapati made with cold pressed flour hard?
    No. Infact it is softer than other flour. It may turn hard because of 3 reasons:- 1. Less water added 2. Kneading not done properly 3. Dough not kept to rest for 8-10 minutes.
  • What are the benefits of cold pressed flour?
    Cold pressed flours retain the natural nutrient profile of the grains. Sattvic Grains does not remove any bran or germ from the flour. Being high in fiber, it is light on the stomach and good for the guts. It is not grinded too fine. This makes it a healthier option compared to other flours.
  • What are the delivery charges?
    Sattvic Grains charge nothing for delivery across Faridabad. Deliveries outside the city limits are based on actuals.
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