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Why Us


At our age, our parents and grandparents were more fit than us. This is due to our lifestyle and eating habits.

The food we eat nowadays is highly processed, refined, and filled with chemical additives. It is basically DEAD FOOD.

At SATTVIC GRAINS we use traditional food processing methods, which retain the natural taste and nutrition of food. 

Our whole wheat flour is processed on a natural stone mill that runs at hand speed, and our oils are processed on a 100% wooden mill.

Since they are not subjected to extreme heat/pressure, the enzymes in them are preserved, giving them medicinal quality.

Premium Grains

Fresh Milled

Doorstep Delivery

We process the best of the Grains, that are clean and free of any foreign ingredient.

The milling starts only when the order is confirmed. Giving you freshly milled flour.

We offer doorstep delivery at minimal delivery charges.

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